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Letters: Steveston coffee shop still a favourite

A Richmond News reader said she was embarrassed to be Caucasian after an alleged racist incident in a local coffee shop
An incident in a Steveston coffee shop has highlighted the issue of racism

Dear Editor,

Re: “Racial abuse suspect strikes again,” News, April 1

When I first read of the recent incident at Rocanini, I felt embarrassed to be Caucasian, and especially to be in the same age demographic as the coffee shop patrons profiled in the article.

However, the more I think about it, these people would have reacted the same no matter who called them out for presuming they can move tables around in a public place.

They are just rude, ignorant people who feel they are special and privileged, and that rules don’t apply to them. I feel sorry for workers everywhere who have to put up with this unacceptable behaviour.

I wish continued success to all those involved in keeping Rocanini in business, for all the rest of us who see it as our favourite coffee shop.

C. Anderson


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