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Letters: Silence is not golden on Richmond's Lions Manor

A Richmond News reader wants to know what is happening with the promises regarding Lions Manor
Lions Manor Bridgeport
Richmond Lions Manor-Bridgeport.

Dear Editor,

We owe it to our parents and grandparents to have a place where they can receive care close to home, in the community in which they lived and raised a family for decades. 

In 2014, Lions Manor in Steveston was demolished and its residents moved to a “temporary” facility. The old one was in disrepair, unsafe and horribly uncomfortable. In 2017, Vancouver Coastal Health began the planning process to rebuild Lions Manor.

Then silence.

In October 2020, the Richmond News reported a business case was to be completed later that year and Health Minister Adrian Dix stated that the plan was “well underway.” 

More silence.

Kelly Greene, now the MLA for Richmond-Steveston, blasted the Liberals during the election for not doing enough for seniors care in Richmond.

Even more silence.

My questions: Where’s the business plan? Is there actually a plan to bring proper seniors care back to Steveston? It’s time to bring Lions Manor back to Steveston.

Matt Ilich