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Letters: Road rage incident in Richmond goes both ways

A Richmond News reader feels a road rage "victim" has a lot to answer for
richmond road rage
Mr. Chin's dashcam video shows this van driver leaning in to his car to hit him with part of a metal chair

Dear Editor,

Re: “Frightening road rage incident in Richmond,” Online, Aug. 30.

In regards to the article about the road rage incident, clearly both parties were in the wrong.

Police advise that you should never follow a vehicle after an incident. As Mr. Chin admits, he was angry, pursued the white van and was honking.

By his own account, he followed the van not once but twice in a clearly angry and hostile state.

He claims this was his regular route home, but his own video recording has GPS telling him to turn right and he ignores it so as to pursue the white van. 

Agreed, that the van driver should not have attacked him with a metal pole or used a racial slur. However, is Mr. Chin really “the victim”?

His honking and yelling was also road rage.

This is a classic example of two wrongs. What is truly frightening is that both these drivers are out on the roads and that we may encounter either one.

J. Robertson


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