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Letters: More vessels needed to showcase Steveston heritage

A Richmond News reader is full of praise for a little tourism venture in Steveston
A Hong Kong junk ship tour will set sails from Steveston early August.

Dear Editor,

Re: “HK junk boat tours set sail from Steveston,” Community, June 23.

An interesting idea to start running tours out of Steveston in a Chinese “junk.”

In the spirit of equitable representation — a principle that is such an important issue in our multi-cultural society — I wonder if Scottish sgoths, Venetian gondolas, Bangladesh dhows, Japanese wasens, Russian koches, Irish yawls and/or First Nation umiaks or dugout canoes might also show up in Steveston’s harbour.

These traditional craft from various cultures would certainly show tourists how truly diversified our Canadian society is.

At the very least, it would provide an incentive to create a new kind of multicultural maritime festival for the village to fill in the void left by the absence of the Tall Ships Festival.

 One idea leads to another!

Ray Arnold