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Letters: IGA leaves ‘big aisles to fill’

Former Richmond MLA Linda Reid is sad to see the back of her local grocery store
This IGA store in Garden City Shopping Centre is switching over to a Save-On Foods later this year

Dear Editor,

Re: “Richmond IGA workers not being retained, according to staff,” News, Oct. 1.

It is with enormous thanks that I bid the fondest of farewells to Dave Marshall and his staff at our Richmond IGA store.

Dave and his team are fantastic, always helpful, warm hearted and community oriented. This group of people stepped up to assist where ever they could. IGA has been at Garden City and Blundell for 30 years. My constituency office was close by for almost the same length of time, so I saw their efforts to help people on a daily basis.

The staff greeted every customer and treated them like they were part of the IGA family. Their professionalism during the pandemic was unparalleled.

This was our grocery store for 30 years. Thank you for looking out for Richmond families. You were always a warm bit of sage advice and warm humour at the end of very busy days. Your contributions were appreciated. You have left very large aisles to fill.

Linda Reid