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Land off Steveston Highway being developed by the port

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leveling the land at Steveston Highway and No. 6 Road, in preparation for warehouses

You may have noticed a lot of activity recently on a large swath of land at the corner of Steveston Highway and No. 6 Road.

Well, it’s down to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, which is in the process of preparing the ground for “potential future development,” to support “growing trade through the Port of Vancouver and regional and national supply chains.”

A port spokesperson told the Richmond News that the federal authority anticipates “this parcel will eventually be used in the logistics/warehousing sector or for other trade-enabling purposes.

“The port authority is federally mandated to enable trade through the Port of Vancouver.”

The port acquired the land – on the northwest corner of the intersection - back in 2015.

It had been protected in the province’s Agricultural land Reserve (ALR) since its inception in 1973, before it was pulled from the ALR in 1990, via an application made two years earlier.