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Photos: Justin Trudeau makes quick campaign stop in Steveston

The Liberal Party leader swept into Steveston with his entourage, glad-handing spectators and residents

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau breezed into Steveston on Wednesday afternoon to glad-hand along the wharf.

On top of a couple hundred supporters, he was met with at least one heckler and a fishing company that appealed to him to help local fisheries.

Lynette Kershaw with Prawns on the Spot stood with the crowd and held up a salmon – one of the last being sold on the dock by the fish company - and appealed to Trudeau to help small-scale fishers instead of fish farms.

“Get the Atlantic salmon out of the water, Justin, out of B.C. waters… (local salmon) need your support, multinational companies do not,” Kershaw called out to Trudeau as he passed.

The sockeye salmon fishery has been shut down for the rest of the year, and Kershaw said it might be five years before it’s open again.

“The policies of the DFO… is to support and look after the fish farms,” Kershaw told the Richmond News.

Kershaw said the Liberal agenda is to “support big business, screw the little guy, get rid of the mom-and-pop fisheries.”

Trudeau made his way along the wharf, swarmed by people who wanted to elbow-bump him and take photos with him.

Another heckler followed the crowd, asking Trudeau whether the Taliban are "our brothers."

The Canadian army, along with American military, is trying to get Canadians and Afghan interpreters out of Afghanistan as the Taliban have taken over most of the country.

During his brief appearance, Trudeau wasn't taking any questions from reporters, including the Richmond News.

Wilson Miao, running for the Liberals in Richmond Centre, and Parm Bains, running in Steveston-Richmond East, were at the event as well.