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Video: Hundreds gather at Richmond city hall chanting 'no drugs'

The city issued a statement on Sunday clarifying misinformation that was circulating in the community.

Hundreds gathered in front of Richmond city hall ahead of a meeting where a discussion about a proposal for a supervised drug consumption site in Richmond.

The crowd started spontaneously chanting "no drugs, no drugs," holding signs in protest.

City council is holding a second vote Monday after voting 8-1 last week in support of exploring the idea of a supervised consumption site, which would be eventually implemented by Vancouver Coastal Health if they deemed it necessary.

Around 100 speakers have signed up to speak at the meeting.

The city issued a statement on Sunday to clarify misinformation being spread in the community about the upcoming city council discussion and what a supervised consumption site is.

They noted that staff at a supervised consumption site don't hand out drugs, rather they supervise people using drugs and offer recovery and treatment services.

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