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Huge lineup for Pokémon game release at Richmond Centre

Did someone say 'gotta catch 'em all'?

It's no secret that people often flock to stores to line up for deals or new product releases.

On Thursday evening, a huge lineup was spotted outside the EB Games store in Richmond Centre as many Pokémon fans waited for a new game release.

The latest titles, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, were scheduled for a "midnight release," and the line had reached as far as the Uniqlo store.

Richmond resident Anthony Lee said he waited in line around 8:30 p.m. for the 9 p.m. in-store game release, yet there were at least more than 20 people ahead of him already.

However, the lineup was no surprise to Lee.

"Since I've gone to the 'midnight releases' for Pokémon for the last few releases ... they were equally as long," he said.

Pokémon, Lee explained, is something most young adults grew up with and holds a special childhood memory to people.

"(It's) just very nostalgic for most young adults."

Lee told the Richmond News he waited in line for almost two hours before he paid and left with his newly purchased game.

"It was nice that the staff there were trying to keep the people lining up entertained and handing out swag and chatting with people."

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