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Hong Kong TVB stars to meet, perform for Richmond fans

The TVB Fairchild Fans Party will take place at River Rock on Tuesday 
Joining the fan party this year are artists Shaun Tam, Sisley Choi, Benjamin Yuen and Elaine You.

Richmond fans of a long-standing Hong Kong-based TV station – which is well known for its Cantonese-language dramas, can meet their favourite stars in person next week. 

It will be the first in-person annual event hosted in Richmond by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) since the pandemic. 

The event, called the TVB Fairchild Fans Party, is being co-hosted by Richmond-based Fairchild Group at the River Rock Casino Resort on Tuesday, May 23. 

However, the 900 lucky audience members have already been selected by Fairchild via their subscriptions. 

The party was first launched 20 years ago by Fairchild. Joining the fan party this year are artists Shaun Tam, Sisley Choi, Benjamin Yuen and Elaine You – Tam and Choi have won TVB’s most prestigious Best Male Actor and Actress awards. 

“Fans have been waiting for it for four years and there is a lot of excitement,” said Vivien Louie, Fairchild TV spokesperson. 

“TVB dramas are very popular among our subscribers. It’s a fan-gathering event for local fans to meet with the artists face to face.” 

The four artists will perform songs on stage as well as play games with selected audience members, which, according to Louise, is a common thing Hong Kong artists do to thank their fans and promote their platforms and productions.

Although TV viewership has decreased dramatically over the world as people turn to streaming videos, Louie said TV dramas on Fairchild TV, produced by Hong Kong production companies such as TVB, still have a big fan base in Richmond, especially among older immigrants from Hong Kong. 

“They have been watching those dramas on TV for decades and it has become part of their lifestyle,” said Louie, adding that the partnership with Hong Kong production companies allows them to air some programs at the same time as they are aired in Hong Kong. 

“And families enjoy watching shows together like what they used to do in their hometown.”