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Garden sign travels to Burnaby and back to Richmond

The Ecosavers at Cambie secondary were devastated when their bee and pollinator garden was vandalized.
A sign was stolen from Cambie secondary but was found on Burnaby Mountain.

A Cambie secondary community garden sign travelled to Burnaby Mountain – most likely transported by thieves – but is now back in its rightful place.

The sign for the school’s “Bee Wing” garden – which is meant to attract bees and other pollinators – was stolen this fall and the garden, created by the school’s “Ecosavers” group, vandalized, devastating the students who had been tending the garden even in the summer during their break.

A Burnaby city worker found the sign dumped on Burnaby Mountain and noted it was in good shape except the post, which had been snapped in two.

He then googled “Bee Wing” and found a Richmond News’ story about the vandalized garden and contacted Cambie secondary.

Two of the school's teachers were finally able to pick it up this week.

The sign had a few scratches, but teacher Nik Nashlund was confident it was still usable.

Nashlund expressed his gratitude to the City of Burnaby’s horticultural staff “for all their legwork to see this returned to our Ecosavers Team.”

Many plants in the garden were extensively damaged about a month ago, including a $200 Japanese white pine which was snapped at the base while other plants were ripped up by the roots.