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Fossil-fuel protesters in Richmond court on mischief charge

Eighteen protesters were arrested in October when a road to YVR was blocked.
Extinction Rebellion members blocked a road to YVR in October, and some are now facing a charge of mischief.

Five out of 18 protesters who blocked a road going to YVR in October were in Richmond Provincial Court Monday to face a charge of mischief.

About 50 activists with the group Extinction Rebellion Vancouver blocked the intersection of Templeton Street and Grant McConachie Way on Oct. 25, sitting on the road with signs calling for an end to subsidies for the Canadian fossil-fuel industry.

Facing the charge of mischief Monday were Muhammad Haq, Timothy Brazier, Shy-Anne Gunville, Kathleen Higgins and Patti Hirschberg.

Thirteen other protesters are named in the charges and have appeared or will be appearing in other courtrooms in the Lower Mainland.

According to court documents, the mischief was for “wilfully obstructing, interrupting or interfering with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property of the City of Richmond.”

Monday’s hearing was to fix a future court date.