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Don't look now, but gas prices shot up another 8 cents in Richmond

The prices in Richmond are reflected at the pumps across Metro Vancouver, which are understood to be the highest gas prices in B.C.
These are typical of the gas prices in Richmond on Monday morning

If you want to be cheered up a little on this dreary Monday morning, then don’t read this.

Gas prices have gone up again. Yes, again.

And not by a couple of cents – by a whopping eight cents a litre from Sunday, let alone from last week.

As previously, a global supply crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are being blamed for the shocking increases.

Most gas stations in Richmond were charging 233.9 cents for a litre of regular gas on Monday morning.

It was the same story across Metro Vancouver, where the price at the pump is understood to be the highest gas prices in B.C.

According to, the price for a litre of regular at Metro Vancouver pumps is now 30 cents higher than a month ago and almost 80 cents higher than this time last year.

The national average in Canada for a litre of regular on Monday morning was $1.979.

The cheapest gas in Richmond is at Mobil on No. 3 Road, at 229.1 cents, with SuperSave on No. 5 Road just behind at 229.9.