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Crow reported to be trapped in YVR terminal for over a month

YVR said the bird is posing no direct impact to its operations
Crow Sabine
Mrs. Crow enjoying a cutworm for breakfast. Photo: S. Eiche

It’s the Vancouver version of The Terminal, but Tom Hank’s role is played by a crow.

A crow accidentally entered YVR and has been trapped inside for more than a month, according to Nicole Rockmann, a flight attendant.

“My friend was travelling to London, England and saw the crow in the international terminal on June 15. And It's still there," said Rockmann to the Richmond News.

“Many people are aware of it. People see it every day. It’s there, flying around in the airport, it squeaks and seems to be in distress. 

"I’m concerned about the bird. I hope someone can be sent in and safely remove it."

Rockmann said the crow’s activity range usually stays around the U.S. departures area, but “it also has access to the international departures and the Canadian custom area."

“It’s looking for ways to get out but it can’t, since all windows are closed,” she said.

Rockmann guessed that the bird somehow came into the airport through the bridge of an aircraft, and has been feeding on fountain water and passengers’ food ever since.

Terry Chou, a spokesperson for YVR, said their team is aware of a crow in the terminal and YVR’s wildlife team is continuing to monitor the situation.

“Each time a sighting is reported, they employ a variety of methods to attempt to capture and safely remove the crow,” said Chou.

He said there is no exact timeline of how long it has been inside as sightings are sporadic.

“As the largest building in B.C., with hundreds of doors, birds can get inside YVR buildings from time to time and they typically make their way out on their own,” he said.

 “The bird is posing no direct impact to our operations, nor is it showing any signs of distress.”

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