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Council this week: car hailing fines, election mail-in ballots, transportation funds

This week's council meeting is on Tuesday.

The City of Richmond is deciding whether to penalize people using illegal ride-hailing services.

This will be on the agenda for Tuesday’s city council meeting, which will take place at 7 p.m.

Council will be assessing whether fines and penalties should be given to passengers who use ride-hailing services in the city, a motion brought forth by Richmond Coun. Carol Day.

Currently, drivers are fined if they are caught, but there have been no consequences for passengers, or for ride-hailing app developers.

At least $18,000 in fines have been handed out to illegal ride-hailing drivers since the end of December in Richmond.

City council will also be looking at increasing mail-in ballot procedures in its civic election bylaw.

The update would allow anyone, and not just people experiencing physical disability or are expecting to be absent from the city during voting days, to vote via mail-in ballots during the elections.

Also on the agenda are cost-sharing plans for the Government of Canada’s first-ever Active Transportation Fund. The funds aim to invest in projects such as building new and expanding pathways for bike lanes, trails and pedestrian bridges.