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Cops aim to ID riot suspect

They have 14 of them, now they need help to bring the last suspect to justice.

They have 14 of them, now they need help to bring the last suspect to justice.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) has called on the public to step up and identify the last alleged Stanley Cup rioter involved in the swarming of Richmond good Samaritan Robert Mackay.

Mackay could be seen on video keeping a mob back from smashing up a storefront window during the infamous 2011 riot. Moments later, he was set upon by a baying mob, before being rescued by two men, one of them being 18-year-old Richmondite Dean Seskin.

Fourteen of Mackay's assailants have been charged and the 15th, the man pictured, is now on the VPD's most wanted riot list.

"Number one (on the list) is the man who is the sole unidentified suspect in the vicious and cowardly attack of a good Samaritan, Mr. Robert Mackay, in front of the Hudson's Bay store," said VPD chief Jim Chu.

"We are happy with the success in the Robert Mackay assault investigation. From the video, we saw that 15 people participated in the swarming and beating.

"We have identified 14 - three have been charged, 12 have charges recommended, and two are under current investigation."

Chu made the appeal while announcing his Integrated Riot Investigation Team has delivered additional charges to Crown, including 82 more charges against 25 suspected rioters.

"-for those rioters who think they've gotten away with it, investigators are still conducting active investigations and we expect to recommend charges on a further 100 individuals in the coming months," added Chu.

"By the time we are done, we expect that we will exceed 300 persons charged with over 900 criminal charges.

"We believe this is the greatest number of people charged with a crime arising from one incident in Canadian history."

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