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City of Richmond proposes $385K upgrade to Minoru Park

A bigger playground, more picnic space, outdoor fitness stations and more basketball courts were suggested by community members.
Minoru Park playground could get a new makeover.

The City of Richmond is looking at upgrading amenities and the space at Minoru Park.

Upgrades could cost up to $385,000 for the park, but a final concept design has yet to be determined.

Minoru Park is currently the primary park within the Richmond city centre area and has been designated for sports and recreation events for a long time.

There is currently a basketball court, two artificial turf fields, a baseball diamond, two bowling greens, five tennis courts, a cricket pitch, a track and field oval and a small children's playground.

Community members shared with the city at a public engagement that a larger playground, expanded picnic area, updated outdoor fitness stations and more basketball courts would benefit the park during the upgrade process, according to a city staff report.

"This desire is further supported by a need to expand informal park services in response to the rapidly growing population living within a five-minute walking distance (400 metres) of the park, which is anticipated to double by 2041," reads the report.

City staff added that many new local residents in the area will be living in high-density housing with "limited access to outdoor space."

"New and enhanced informal park uses that serve a broad range of ages and abilities will contribute to the social, physical and mental health and wellness of the Brighouse and broader Richmond community into the future."

Design development for more amenity space at Minoru Park is the next step for the city.

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