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City Hall wages top $120 million

City of Richmond's manager earns over $300,000
George Duncan
Richmond CAO George Duncan

City of Richmond employees saw a collective pay raise in 2015, as its 2,059 employees earned $120.5 million in combined salaries, benefits and lump sum payouts, according to its annual financial statements. In 2014, the city’s 1,998 employees earned $109.2 million.

In contrast, Burnaby paid employees $153 million, while Surrey paid staff $162 million. Meanwhile, Vancouver paid $473 million.

Richmond now has 719 employees earning more than $75,000, according to its financial disclosures. Last year, 620 employees earned at least that much.

Richmond’s top municipal earner in 2015 was chief administrative officer George Duncan, who was paid $301,575 in base salary plus $29,676 in benefits. Vancouver’s manager in 2015, Penny Ballem, earned $343,767. Burnaby’s city manager earned $269,853, while Surrey’s boss, Vincent Lalonde, earned $335,551, according to reports.

Richmond’s councillors all took in a base salary of $58,073 in 2015. Most councillors took in about $6,000 in benefits, while Coun. Harold Steves received $16,942. Mayor Malcolm Brodie earned $127,728 in salary plus $21,774 in benefits for his duties with the city. By comparison, Burnaby councillors earned about $57,000, Surrey councillors earned just over $63,000 and Vancouver counterparts were paid about $71,000.

2015 operating budgets ($ millions) / Population:

Richmond $288 / 209,338

Burnaby $424 / 223,218

Surrey $575 / 508,000

Vancouver $1,223 / 648,600

(Source: City of Vancouver)

2015 City of Richmond salaries report found here.

2015 Annual report for Richmond.