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Blessed are the pets: Richmond church holds service for animals

People’s pets received a blessing Sunday at St. Alban’s Anglican Church from Vicar Elizabeth Ruder-Cadiz

They came, they saw and they were blessed.

Several dogs and cats are feeling a little bit holier today after receiving a blessing in church on Sunday.

St. Alban’s Anglican Church, on St. Alban’s Road near Granville Avenue, hosted an animal blessing service.

Community members were invited to bring their pets, photos of their pets or stuffed toys to the service.

“I can speak for myself as a longtime pet owner, it’s really important to be able to say thank you for the gift of these precious animals in our lives,” said Vicar Elizabeth Ruder-Cadiz last week, who took her dog Emma to the service.

“It’s my favourite service of the whole year.”

St. Alban’s is a pet-friendly church and has held animal blessings before, but it was not a regular event. Ruder-Cadiz intends to make it a permanent annual fixture.

Ruder-Cadiz has blessed chickens, cockatoos and rodents, as well as many dogs and cats in the past.