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Best of Richmond: Celebrating the spirit of community, resiliency, innovation (Photos)

Richmond News editor Eve Edmonds says this year's "Best of Richmond" shows us the resiliency of the community

It’s been a tough year, but like a lot of tough times, that’s when we see what we’re made of.

This year’s “Best of Richmond” shows us this community is indeed made of the right stuff.

When the pandemic hit, it hit Richmond faster and harder than most B.C. communities. Even before it was declared a pandemic, the coronavirus (as we called it then) had all but wiped out Richmond’s Chinese New Year celebrations, leaving local restaurants virtually empty at a time when they usually had lineups around the block.

But while the “devastation,” as Nancy Small, CEO of Tourism Richmond, called it, was real, so was the resiliency and innovation the community answered with.

Our “Best of Richmond” celebrates that spirit.

Here, for the 13th year in a row, we recognize businesses and organizations our readers have voted to be the best in their respective class.

The lists may confirm what you already know, or it may introduce you to something new. Have a read through, and learn about some of the top eateries, fitness facilities and services in our community.

Read a little further and you’ll see how different sectors pivoted to accommodate the various health regulations in a bid to keep themselves afloat and the rest of us safe.

But as more people get vaccinate, case counts go down and health restrictions ease, we see a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, we can begin to let ourselves think about the first things we’ll do when the pandemic is over. For some it’s visiting family, for others it’s going to a baseball game.

Speaking of baseball, throughout the section you’ll see baseball cards featuring pictures of Richmond News staff telling what they most look forward to doing once it’s safe to do so. This is our way of looking forward with hope and enthusiasm to the best of things yet to come.

To read the digital edition of the 2021 Best of Richmond, click here.