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B.C. pair fined $2,500 each for fraudulent ICBC claim

Everyone pays the price for fraudulent ICBC claims, the judge said.
The Crown had suggested fines of $3,000 each.

A Metro Vancouver pair has been fined $2,500 each for giving ICBC misleading information about a car accident where the woman was driving alone while learning to drive.

Vancouver provincial court Judge James Sutherland heard Temilade Shukurah Aderibigbe, a BC Housing contract employee, was driving with an ‘L’ plate on her car when the accident with another vehicle happened.

However, when it came time to do the insurance claim, she told ICBC that Sunday Oluwadamilare Oladiti, a Richmond auto sales manager, was in the car with her as a supervising driver. And he backed her up her story.

“He was not in the car,” Sutherland said.

As a result, both were charged with providing false or misleading information when the facts of the case came to light. They both pleaded guilty.

ICBC had denied the pair’s $23,000 claim for the vehicle, which was written off. They also have to pay $11,000 for damage to the other vehicle that is not being covered by the public insurer.

Aderibigbe told Sutherland they are $50,000 in debt with having to repay ICBC and covering car payments for a car they no longer have.

The judge said the $23,000 claim was not an insignificant one made to an insurer that serves the public.

“It’s based on accurate, honest, good-faith reporting,” Sutherland said, adding that if a fraudulent claim makes it through the system it affects everyone.

“Everyone else then pays the price for the claim,” Sutherland said. “It’s not fair, to put it bluntly.”

The Crown had suggested fines of $3,000 each but Sutherland took into account the other financial consequences the pair has faced as a result of the situation and fined them the lower amount.

Editor's note: This story was updated on May 8, 2024 to better reflect the information provided in court.