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Anti-immigration banner ‘racist and unacceptable’ says Vancouver MP

NDP MP Don Davies denounced Immigration Watch Canada. In turn, the fringe group called him a "disgrace" to Parliament
immigration sign
Members of Immigration Watch Canada took to the Blundell Rd. overpass Wednesday morning to express their concerns over Canada's immigration policy. Photo supplied

Immigration Watch Canada’s anti-immigration stunt of posting a banner over Highway 99 reading “Fight Gridlock: Cut Immigration” reached Ottawa last week as NDP MP Don Davies of Vancouver-Kingsway denounced the fringe group’s “racist and unacceptable behaviour.”

Citing the race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting death of an African-American teenage boy at the hands of a white police officer, Davies warned that Canada “must be vigilant in our quest for a society of equality and justice.” 

He called Immigration Watch Canada’s banner “thinly veiled prejudice.”

Immigration Watch posted an online reply, calling Davies a “disgrace to Parliament.”

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