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Richmond's dumpling scene even more crowded as new Shanghai restaurant opens

Longdhang refers to the alleys in Shanghai in Chinese
Longdhang offers traditional Shanghai dishes such as dumplings.

A new restaurant recently joined the already-fierce competition among restaurants in Richmond offering Shanghai cuisine.

Longdhang opened in early January, at 8053 Alexandra Rd. close to No. 3 Road, offering traditional Shanghai dishes that include Xiaolongbao (Shanghai-style steamed dumplings), fried buns, Shanghai vegetable rice, scallion oil noodles and fried glutinous rice cakes.

"Longdhang" is a Chinese word that refers to the alleys in Shanghai and southern China, representing a unique type of Shanghai neighbourhood.

Richmond already has a vibrant Shanghai restaurant scene in the city.

Last year, two Shanghai restaurants selling similar items opened in the food court at Admiralty Centre. 

There are also some long-time Shanghai restaurants in Richmond including Shanghai River, Top Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant, Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant and Dynasty Dumpling House.