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Richmond pub rebranded into new brewery and bowling club

New owner plans to renovate the restaurant and add more options to the menu later this year
Monkey 9 Brewing at the southeast corner next to SilverCity Riverport Cinemas is now called Seven 10 Social at Splitsville. Photo: Seven 10 Social at Splitsville

A Richmond brewery, co-located with a long-time bowling alley on No. 6 Road, recently changed owners and has been rebranded.

Monkey 9 Brewing has been a staple in Richmond, next to SilverCity Riverport Cinemas.

The adjacent bowling alley Lucky 9 Lanes changed to Splitsville Riverport this fall after being sold to U.K.-based Hollywood Bowl Group.

The brewery name has recently changed to Seven 10 Social at Splitsville. 

Jerry DeCasa, manager of the new restaurant, told the Richmond News that the new owner of the pub is a company that owns various restaurants outside B.C. and the operational model will be different from the previous mom-and-pop pub.

But the offerings will largely remain the same, including a bowling club and a restaurant with entertainment facilities such as an arcade.

The company plans to renovate the restaurant and add more options to the menu later this year.

"Currently, [our restaurants are] mostly based in Ontario and U.K. and then slowly climbing the Vancouver market," said DeCasa.

"It's just got bought out and nothing has really changed for the game so far. But a lot of things are in the pipeline that are very exciting."

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