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Richmond food safety tech company wins international award

Icicles Technologies was honoured at the 2022 Top Software and Technology Providers awards.
Steven Burton, founder and CEO of Icicle.

A Richmond software company focusing on food safety systems was once recognized for its work — and this time it's an international win for the books.

Icicle Technologies was named one of the winners of Food Logistics' 2022 Top Software and Technology Providers award last week.

The company created an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, used to help run and manage businesses, specifically for food manufacturers. A major feature of ERP software is to help trace which customers received products flagged for a recall by one of their suppliers.

Icicle's ERP software was honoured at the awards for creating a management system where food manufacturers can ensure safe global cold food and drink supply chain.

Steven Burton, founder and CEO of Icicle Technologies and a long-time Richmond resident, said he felt surprised and grateful for the win and recognition they have received

Icicle Technologies was initially founded as a food safety application to prevent food-borne illnesses in 2015 and transitioned to creating ERP software to meet customer demand.

Burton told The Richmond News that the company's goal of developing a safe food supply is to make "people aware there are hazards."

"The basic and intuitive notion is that you can't stop a hazard from occurring if you don't even know that it exists," said Burton.

"In the last couple of weeks, the United States has come out with new traceability rules that required food companies to maintain traceability records.

"This is something we've been working on for a long time and we're happy to see that sort of consumer protection initiatives being realized."