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New restaurant specializing in lamb and haggis opens in Richmond

Three Sheep offers lamb and haggis soup, lamb shanks, lamb buns, lamb tendon and lamb tripes

A new restaurant specializing in Northwest Chinese-style lamb soup is President Plaza's latest addition to its food court.

Three Sheep has replaced long-standing Tianjin cuisine O’Tray Noodle and opened its doors last Friday.

The restaurant offers various lamb dishes, including lamb noodle soup with lamb or haggis, lamb shanks, lamb buns, lamb tendon and spicy lamb tripes.

"There aren't many restaurants in Richmond's food courts that specialize in lamb soup, so we saw the opportunity in the market," said Frank Meng, owner of Three Sheep.

Meng said he has been in the food business for more than 20 years and was trained in Northwest China, where lamb dishes were very popular, before moving to Canada.

He operated a restaurant specializing in lamb dishes in Metro Vancouver for years, but he decided to leave it behind and enter the food court business.

O’Tray Noodle, a restaurant that served Tianjin cuisine to Richmondites at the location for more than a decade, closed last November.

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