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Counting on right people

Accounting firm RHN picked up the Mid-size Business of the Year
Accounting firm RHN picked up the Mid-size Business of the Year Award. Photo by Rob Newell/Special to the News

When two Richmond-based accountants launched the RHN accounting firm in 1978, they knew that it was the people that would help make a success of their business.

“We are very excited about receiving the award. It confirms what we think about ourselves — we are an excellent business,” said John Nagy, share-holder and director of RHN, who joined in 2000.

“Culture is very important. We are committed to building a family-style culture.”

Nagy said that in the accounting industry, providing good service is the key, as well as a good company culture that make employees feel valued.

“Our staff make a big effort to make sure our clients are looked after, and we make sure our staff are well cared of,” said Nagy.

This includes creating a decent work-life balance, and bringing people on board that fit in well with the company’s culture.

“When we hire people, attitude is more important than skills. We hire for attitude, train for skills,” said Nagy.

The company has a personality-style index to test the applicants’ personalities, how well they will fit in with the team and how comfortable they would be working with a group, said Nagy.

“We prefer people who are very outgoing, have a strong ability to communicate, pay attention to details and have a sense of humour.”

“It’s really a business about communication. Financial statements are a result of communication, too. We don’t sell products; we have no choice but to deliver great services to our clients.”

“So it’s the people we have that really make our company what it is now.”

Quality services have won the company a good reputation and 70 to 80 per cent of their business comes from client referrals, according to Nagy.

“We have been very attached to Richmond and have been involved in the community for a long time. This gets us well known and provides exposure to the community.”