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April Fools: Would you try goat yoga in Steveston?

An April Fool's joke might just turn into reality.
A Steveston business teased the community with the idea of goat yoga classes.

A Steveston's business may have stumbled upon a golden ticket idea with its April Fools prank.

True Yoga in Steveston announced on Monday that it would be introducing goat yoga classes for those looking to "unwind, destress and connect with nature in a unique way."

"Leave your worries at the door as you immerse yourself in the commotion of goat yoga. The combination of yoga and goats flying across your mat is a proven way to increase agility and hilarity during your practice," reads the Instagram post.

But there was one catch — it was an April Fools joke.

"This better not be an April (Fools) joke cuz I'm severely interested!! Lol," reads one of the comments.

"How dare you," read another.

Sophie Manfredi, owner of True Yoga, told the Richmond News the prank was meant to bring "lightheartedness and humour" to the community, and she was pleased to hear it generated positive responses from members.

"If you know of any local farms that would be interested in collaborating to make goat yoga a reality, we are open to exploring the possibility.

"We always strive to offer unique and engaging experiences to our members, and goat yoga could be an exciting addition to our lineup."

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