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Richmond gallery hosts Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition

The free exhibition is taking place from now till June 6
The exhibit is based on the theme of scholars admiring stones.

Lipont Place at No. 3 and Cambie roads will exhibit works by Chinese artist and calligrapher Jiangang Su from May 15 to June 6.

The exhibition, titled See the Mountain, is based on the theme of scholars admiring stones, which are considered an important aesthetic object in Chinese traditional culture.

“Taihu stone is a stone with unique beauty. It is the beauty created by the uncanny workmanship of nature and contains the curious feelings of literati,” reads a press release from the exhibit organizer.

According to the organizer, the phenomenon of appreciating strange stones existed in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern dynasties in China and reached a new climax in the Song Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.).

“To this day, stone appreciation has always held an irreplaceable place in the hearts of literati,” the release explained.

Exhibiting artist Su specializes in classical Chinese painting and calligraphy and is known for his gongbi-style paintings, versatile styles of calligraphy and seal carving. He studied in China under renowned maestro Yan Gongda from age 13 and is also an art educator and collector.

The exhibition is free to enter. For more information, click here.

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