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Richmond exhibit explores immigration journey from China

Intricately Woven is being shown at Lipont Place Oct. 12 – Nov. 4
Xiangmei Su is a Vancouver-based modern artist. Photo submitted

A new modern art exhibition in Richmond will explore the journey of immigration and will showcase the evolution of weaving technology in Suzhou, China.

Intricately Woven – Art by Xiangmei Su will exhibit Oct. 12 – Nov. 4 at Lipont Place near No.3 and Cambie roads.

“The exhibit has three parts. One is about my mother who used to make clothes using a manual weaving machine and that machine was gradually replaced by big, modern machines in factories,” said Su.

“The second part is about my father who opened his high-tech factory and took on the ride of a fast-growing economy in China at the time. And the third part is about myself.”

Su moved to Canada in 2010 to study visual arts at the University of British Columbia. Coming to a new country, she experienced significant changes and challenges in life and started to question her identity.

“I developed a new understanding of my cultural identity. It's like the process of thread getting turned into cloth and raw materials becoming high-tech products - after a long and difficult process, they become a new product and form a new identity," she said.

"It’s complicated and combines past and the present, internal and external factors, and merges into my new cross-cultural identity. This is what I’m trying to express in my exhibition,” said Su.