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Richmond-born actress aims to rock you as Killer Queen

Iconic sound of legendary rockers re-emerge in the form of musical theatre.

Turning into a badass character, inspired by her favourite rock band, was the last thing Richmond’s Steffanie Davis thought she would get to do the moment pandemic restrictions were lifted.

The Hugh McRoberts alumna is playing the role of Killer Queen in the musical production We Will Rock You with Theatre Under the Stars this summer.

While the Richmond-born actor plays the antagonist and villain of the show, she told the Richmond News her character is “just a lady trying to do her job.”

“The name (Killer Queen) itself sounds … like a very powerful character. She’s the queen of the planet and has basically taken away free thought and expression in order to create consistency and perversion, if you will, on the planet,” she explained.

“She’s sassy and fun, and while I’m a little different than her in real life, I get to enjoy being creative a little with her character.”

We Will Rock You takes on the spectacle of Queen’s most iconic rock-and-roll hits and electrifying dance. The story follows Galileo, Scaramouche and their gang of misfits 300 years into the future where they are forced to fight for freedom from the oppressive Killer Queen who has banned all music.

Davis told the Richmond News she has been eyeing the role for a few years.

“I grew up listening to Queen … and I’ve wanted to play this character for quite some time, specifically with Theatre Under The Stars,” said Davis.

“The show’s main message is that we are all individuals, we are all unique and we have to celebrate that. Rock and roll music, in our case, is the epitome of freedom of expression, speech and celebration.”

Besides playing a role Davis has been keeping an eye out for, she said it’s being on stage she misses the most.

“I feel almost emotional thinking about rehearsing for a show again.

“It’s the thing that I’ve been missing for the last couple of years. So, it’s fantastic … there’s a wonderful group of people that I’m working with so I’m very grateful.”

During the pandemic, Davis bought a ukulele and learned to play it while doing ongoing play reads to keep “the creative juices going.”

She added that she would take on small singing gigs at various venues whenever possible.

“Singing and being on stage is like a magical connection I have, especially with the energy I get from working with other actors in real life compared to Zoom. I hope audience members get to also feel that energy.”

We Will Rock You will be running from July 2 to Aug. 27 at Stanley Park’s scenic Malkin Bowl.

For information and tickets, click here.