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Richmond artist to host free workshop on nature-based Japanese printmaking

Art workshop encourages participants to explore their neighbourhoods
Japanese printmaking
Japanese printmaking, also known as Gyotaku, was using to print images of fish on paper

A Richmond artist is hosting virtual art workshops to teach participants to explore and get creative while exploring their neighbourhood.

Richmond’s artist-in-resident Rachel Rozanski is partnering with the Richmond Public Library to host workshops titled “Printing with Ocean Life” which will teach everyone how to “print” art using items found in nature on May 29 and June 12.

The workshop is based around a Japanese art form called Gyotaku, or Japanese printmaking, which was traditionally used to print fish.

Participants will be asked to explore their surroundings, discover more about their local ecology and backyard and learn to use materials found in nature to create their art pieces.

Stones, leaves, seaweed and flowers are some of the items participants will be asked to collect during the workshop.

The workshops will take place from 11 to 12:30 p.m. on May 29 as well as another workshop on June 12.

Registration is required and can be done at