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Richmond artist organizes first-ever global drumming awards

The Drumeo Awards is the first award show of its kind in the drumming community
Samantha Landa, born and raised in Richmond, has been drumming for 25 years. Photo submitted

A Richmond artist is behind the awards to recognize the best and the brightest in drumming worldwide.

The winners of the 2023 Drumeo Awards, hosted in Abbotsford, were revealed on Jan. 25 and organizers streamlined an online drumming show using clips submitted by award winners.

One of the organizers of the awards is Samantha Landa, a Richmond native and events producer of Drumeo, an online drum education platform.

“The Drumeo Awards is the first award show of its kind in the drumming community. There wasn't really something like this before,” said Landa.

“We wanted to create something that honours and recognizes drummers who are making an impact in the drumming community and get people shouting out their favourite drummers.”

Seventeen artists out of hundreds of nominees were recognized in categories including the Drummer of the Year, Drum Recording of the Year, the YouTube Drummer of the Year and many others.

Landa said drummers have historically been overlooked as musicians, and she hopes the awards will reach as many drummers and drum aficionados as possible and give the drummers the recognition they deserve.

“To be able to put this together and bring drummers to the forefront is very important to us,” said Landa.

First drumming education in Richmond

Landa has been drumming for 25 years and her interest in the instrument started when she was a student at James Whiteside elementary in Richmond.

Landa played classical piano for most of her childhood and when she was getting to the age where she could join a concert band at her elementary school, there wasn't a piano in the concert band.

“So I said, ‘What's the hardest instrument to learn?’ And my band teacher at the time said, ‘I guess drums or French horn,’” she recalled.

Landa then chose what was available at the time – drums, and has been in love with drumming ever since. She then continued drumming in the band at Hugh McRoberts secondary and also joined the Richmond Youth Concert Band.

“It's such a good way to release energy and stress. It's just fun. It's a very physical instrument and it's a challenge for sure because it's physically and mentally demanding. And I love it,” she said.

Landa said she is grateful for the music education system and environment in Richmond, which helped her become who she is today.

“The music programs that I went through in Richmond were great and I felt very encouraged and supported by my music teachers, in both of my schools,” she said.

“It is important for the school district to keep investing in music programs and create more musicians and create more support for young musicians.”