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No. 3 Road art columns showcase Richmond's culture and heritage

Three new artists are being featured on the columns until July 31, 2023.
No. 3 Road Art Columns Exhibition 17, Part I, Lansdowne Canada Line Station featuring local artists Bernadette C De Jesus and Yanqun Xue, 2023.

The art columns along Richmond's Canada Line stations will feature works by a new group of local artists.

Ink drawings by Bernadette C De Jesus, which can be seen outside Lansdowne Station, aim to represent the city's interconnected communities and resources by using lines and vibrant colours to symbolize joys, challenges and flowers of emotion.

Also outside Lansdowne Station are paintings by Yanqun Xue, who drew inspiration from nostalgic memories of his hometown and the hopes of newcomers to build new dreams.

Richmondites will also get to take a trip down memory lane outside Aberdeen Station through Susan Viccars' paintings of heritage homes in the city, which feature vignettes of farm and fishing life.

The exhibition, which will run until July 31, 2023, is part of a two-part, year-long showcase of works celebrating Richmond's local culture, history and natural heritage. Works by Cherry Archer, Sam McWilliams and Sol Ross will be featured from Aug. 1, 2023 until the end of the year.

To learn more about the No. 3 Road Art Columns, click here.