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New Richmond art exhibition breaks free of social and cultural boundaries

Artist Daniil Alikov's 'New Beauty' is blends 2D and 3D art.

A new exhibition in Richmond is taking a "liberating approach" to fine art with works that blend the two-dimensional with three-dimensional.

Richmond artist Daniil Alikov's New Beauty features canvases that are "intricately overlapped" and embossed with strips of materials as well as drawn patterns and symbols. The materials, which include nylon straps and buckles, translucent glassine and reflective fabric, are either entangled, sewn together, or carefully arranged or layered.

Visitors will get to see the sixth and seventh "generations" of Alikov's work in the series, which evolved from "from order to relative disorder, from simplicity to richness, from monotonic to chromatic," reads the media release. The works reflect his background as a visual artist and are intended to break free of social and cultural boundaries.

By presenting art that is "purely abstract and non-objective," Alikov is giving visitors free rein in interpreting and understanding his art.

"I make new beauty. My art has no meaning other than to be new and beautiful," reads Alikov's artist statement.

New Beauty will run from Dec. 3, 2022 to Jan. 6, 2023 at Lipont Gallery, near Aberdeen Centre. A free opening reception will be held on Dec. 3, and Richmondites can learn more about the artwork at Alikov's free artist talk on Dec. 6.

The exhibition will also be available virtually at after the opening.