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Lunar New Year predictions: What is in store for the world this year?

Richmond Feng Shui master Sherman Tai predicts what the world will face in the year of the Tiger
Feng Shui master Sherman Tai
Sherman Tai, a Feng Shui master.

In the Year of Tiger, many well-known financial and political experts in the market are extremely optimistic that the global economy and people’s livelihood will recover from the pandemic and return to the right track.

However, I hold a different point of view, as 2022 is a year of difficulty.

A tiger is deemed the king of the beasts as they are known to rush into the forest and start a battle.

This implies that 2022, the year of tiger, is full of turmoil and distress.

Let us do our best and hope that everyone can be brave and strong like a tiger - fight stubbornly and be determined to overcome the difficulties.

Looking back to 2021, the global economy was in a big trap due to the pandemic.

The pandemic has affected tens of millions of people, while some have lost loved ones.

Small businesses are still struggling and suffering serious losses.

The economy is also staggering as stocks and finance markets have been affected by people using government-subsidized money as well as cryptocurrency to repeatedly hit new highs, causing overpriced asset trading.

The real economy and the virtual economy are running against each other.

There will be major changes in the world economy and politics in the Year of Tiger.

Many obstacles, struggles, falsehoods, political subversion, and wars and chaos will appear.

Fortunately, we can sail through the storm.

For those born after the first spring day (of the lunar calendar) on Feb. 4, 2022, their zodiac sign is considered a tiger.

In the second half of the year, the pace of global economic growth will slowly pick up.

Although there are still a lot of quarrels, we will see the opportunity in the difficult times.

In the rapidly changing world, one should become more agile and flexible.

Look before you leap – one should think carefully about the possible results or consequences before doing something.

There is a Chinese saying that goes “One good turn deserves another.”

Always remember to perform good deeds and accumulate merit. When you are facing difficulties, try handling the situations with a calm demeanor.

Be conservative and don’t rush to make any decisions. When you keep a positive attitude and persist through the challenges, your efforts will pay off.