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Where to see frozen waterfalls in B.C.

Feel like an adventure? These cascading frozen waterfalls look like they belong in an enchanted kingdom
Haffner Creek
Haffner Creek.

Located off the side of a rugged mountain-face, these cascading frozen waterfalls look like they belong in an enchanted kingdom.

Indeed, the Haffner Creek climbing area provides a truly awe-inspiring perspective of mother nature’s glory. The frozen rapids offer brilliant blue and pearly white shades, as well as incredible, twisted formations that are nothing short of spectacular. In addition, this unique landscape provides an ideal choice for ice climbers, who are looking to brave its frozen terrain.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, this stunning location is accessible from Canmore, B.C.

“Located on the Radium Highway #93, about a 45 minute drive from the town of Canmore. It has one of the best approaches, about 30 minutes of nice walking. Follow the trail that the Park Service sets out, it will make life easier on you, time and the longevity of the area,” reports Sport and Mixed Climbing.


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Of course, climbing can be an extremely dangerous sport if you aren’t trained properly. It is, in fact, quite different from rock climbing and ice conditions are constantly changing. As such, it is advised that you go with an instructor or guide to assist you. Furthermore, it is imperative that you never attempt ice climbing alone.

“When ice climbing we always recommend you stay hydrated and have lots of high energy snacks. A thermos with a hot beverage can be a welcomed break on a cold day and high energy foods make sure your metabolism is also helping you stay warm,” advises yamnuska.