This Richmond restaurant is serving up bubble tea hot pot

A new dessert craze has hit Richmond and this time, it’s a fusion of two beloved dishes. 

Avery, a restaurant near Garden City Road and Alderbridge Way, is the first in Metro Vancouver to serve up bubble tea hot pot. 

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For around $30, the taro ball hot pot, which serves four people, combines toppings such as grass jelly, mochi and tapioca pearls in a brass pot, which is then filled with milk tea. It can be ordered either warm or cold and the dish is served with dipping sauces and crumbled cookies. 

Just like hot pot, the dessert is served up into individual dishes and diners can then drink the milk tea through a straw if they'd like. 

While some diners have criticized the hype, even going so far to say the dessert "tasted like someone forgot to put the dessert into the fridge or left it out too long" on Yelp, multiple people said that the milk tea was delicious.

To try the dessert, visit Avery at 112-4751 Garden City Rd. 

Check out a video of how the unique dessert is served:

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