This lady captures the crazy things people do for cherry blossom pictures in Vancouver

This might be one of the funniest Instagram accounts during the cherry blossom season. A woman with the online name Lele Chan created an Instagram account to capture the weird things people do for cherry blossom pictures.

From her living room, Chan photographs people in front of her house taking cherry blossom pictures.

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The Richmond News is also inviting readers to participate in our Cherry Blossom Pictures feature .You can send us your most funny/awesome cherry blossom pictures with a brief introduction of the story behind the photo. Your photo could possibly be featured on our website and in our newspaper.

Oh, gotta get that perfect angle:


Yes, bring your ladder so you can get a better shot:


This guy used high tech gadgets for some cherry blossom footage:


Where is the groom? Congratulations?


Trying to get that perfect pose:


Cherryblossommadness: Yes, that’s a great place to hang your coat and bag while u take photos:


T. rex also came out for a cherry blossom photo shoot:


cherryblossommadness: In all fairness, he had to put up with people like this today, and it’s not even noon. Did this lady set up a shop or something?


Here comes the tour group:

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