Richmond chefs’ tasty creations fundraise for health care

Dozens of charity galas sweep through the Lower Mainland every winter, so what makes guests decide to spend their hard-earned money attending an extravagant dinner?

Besides the warm-fuzzy feeling of donating to a good cause, the answer may be delectable dishes from Richmond chefs.

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The annual Feast of Fortune gala, which raises money for Vancouver’s St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation every January, has brought in chefs from three Richmond restaurants to help tempt guest’s tastes.

For a taste of glitz and glam, perhaps you'll want to visit their Richmond restaurants: 

  • Chef Hui Wing Wah of Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine (130-6200 River Road)
  • Chef Jin Jiang of Me + Crepe (8531 Alexandra Road)
  • Chefs Ian Tsai and Markx Wu of Maji (1180-8391 Alexandra Road)

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