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10 Instagram-worthy outdoor spots in Richmond

The days are only getting shorter, so get outside while you can.
Mountains, ocean and stellar sunsets are all there to capture in Richmond. Photo: Instagram / @konnectphotography

It’s Labour Day weekend, and in the spirit of enjoying the last that a glorious summer has to offer we’ve put together a list of nine picturesque outdoor spots here in Richmond.


Steveston Village

There’s tons of food on offer here at this historic fishing village, but some of the best views are outdoors looking over the harbour.


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West Dyke Trail

A stroll along this oceanside path offers some of Richmond’s most stunning views of the North Shore mountains.


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Iona Beach Regional Park

Here’s another option for some gorgeous mountain views and prime sunsets.


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International Buddhist Temple

This grand temple in southeast Richmond features an exquisite garden for visitors to explore. Venture inside for even more art and culture.


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Cranberry farms 

It's not quite harvest season yet. But come fall, feast your eyes on these crimson fields. 



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Richmond Night Market

Stop at this Richmond favourite for dozens of fantastical treats.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlets

Find this floral swing at the outdoor shopping centre near YVR airport.


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McDonald Beach Park

Because what’s cuter than energetic pups frolicking in the Fraser River?


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Britannia Shipyards

This historic site features 19th-century houses, ships and canneries. 


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YVR Airport

The airport is used as a location tag for photos all over B.C. by visitors coming and going. But the area around the airport itself has some solid spots for creative plane pics. Try plane spotting at Larry Berg Flight Path Park 


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