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Steveston Village turned into an American superhero film set

Steveston Museum and Town Square Park turned into set for DC's Legends of Tomorrow series
Legends of Tomorrow set
Props for DC's Legends of Tomorrow were set up in Steveston

Parts of Steveston Village was turned into a film set once again, except this time it was for a superhero series.

Richmondites visiting Steveston noticed “old-timey props” and 1910-style costumes as another film set was set up in the village on Tuesday.

According to Vancity Filming's Twitter post, the filming was for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, an American superhero television series, which took place outside the Steveston Museum and in the Steveston Town Square Park.

The CW series is based on the characters of DC Comics and is a spin-off featuring heroes and villains introduced in the Arrowverse, which team up together to travel through time to help prevent an apocalypse from happening.