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Richmond’s Easter bunny returns with home visit fundraiser

Funds to be raised to help feed and care for homeless bunnies in Richmond
Richmond-based Rabbitats' Easter bunny. Photo: Rabbitats

A Richmond-based rabbit charity is returning with their Easter long weekend fundraiser.

Rabbitats’ Easter bunny will be visiting Richmondites at their doorsteps – while keeping a safe distance – in place of its annual fundraiser.

The bunny will be paying a visit and delivering a basket of Easter treats for a minimum donation of $50.

And for a minimum of $100 donation, live Easter bunnies will make a visit with a pen set up where people can visit some of the charity’s rescue bunnies and feed them treats for a 20-minute session.

All items involved in visits will be kept clean with disinfectant wipes and all safety precautions will be taken, according to Rabbitats.

Sorelle Saidman, founder of Rabbitats, said this year has been a busy year with many rabbits-in-crisis calls, but they couldn’t turn down families wanting to see the Easter Bunny again.

“With the Covid lockdown, people need some home-based warm and fuzzy outdoor activities and bringing the bunnies out to people’s yards is perfect,” said Saidman.

“We get to socialize our adoptable rabbits and raise some funds to make up for the cancellation of all our usual events last year and again this year.”

Donations from the fundraiser will be used to feed the homeless bunnies that Rabbitats take care of.

The charity feeds over 300 homeless bunnies at their Richmond shelter and various other sanctuaries.

Sessions for bunny visits can be booked for Easter Sunday or Monday by emailing

Donations to Rabbitats made through the website are tax deductible, however, event funds are not.