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Kudos: Richmond’s BC Liquor stores raises over $12,000 for Food Banks BC

More than $1 billion was donated to B.C. food banks by BCLS in 2020
Ironwood BC Liquor Store
BC Liquor store in Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, B.C.

Three Richmond BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) collectively raised a total of $12,116 as part of a province-wide fundraiser to help B.C. food banks during the holiday season.

According to BC Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) – which operates BCLS – its stores, including the Brighouse, Ironwood and Seafair locations, collectively raised and donated a total of $820,028 to Food Banks BC.

“When it comes to raising funds or awareness, our employees believe in giving where they live and work hard to do the best for their communities,” said Blain Lawson, CEO of LDB.

“I am incredibly proud of what our teams have been able to do in a year filled with operational challenges.”

Together with proceeds from its fundraising campaign in the summer, the government retailer collected and donated $1,132,472 to Food Banks BC in 2020.

Funds collected will be given to food banks in the community where they were raised.

Dan Huang-Taylor, executive director of Food Banks BC., said this past year has been one of the “toughest” the food banks have faced in decades.

“One of the ways we have been able to get through these extreme times is through the support of organizations, such as BCLS and their amazing customers,” said Hung-Taylor.

“This generosity reaches out 103-member food banks throughout the province and the over 100,000 people who access food banks’ services every month in B.C., enabling the purchase of health, nutritious food.”