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Out and About: Cranes loom above Steveston for TV film shoot

An episode of the CBS television series Tracker was being filmed at the Steveston harbour.

While on the Steveston docks, I happened upon the filming of an episode in a new CBS TV series called Tracker

The funky buildings owned and operated by the Steveston Harbour Authority are ideal for casting a mood of action/adventure.

The locally made episode also brings jobs and business to Steveston.

A small village of trailers provides a variety of services to the cast and crew.

And the hardware needed to make an action episode were on full display - especially in the form of multiple large cranes and other equipment used for lighting the scenes and facilitating the camera work.

The huge crane sitting in the fishers’ parking lot has a dramatic impact upon the Steveston skyline. 

I ended up by watching Tracker and enjoying the new series.

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