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Kudos: Richmond students send LifeLabs staff thank you cards

Virtual cards thank employees during National Medical Laboratory Week

Students at a Richmond high school club sent out digital thank you cards to LifeLabs’ employees for their contributions to the pandemic response.

Marlinaires, a social responsibility club at Matthew McNair Secondary, is about helping and improving the community, and the students wanted to give back to those who worked hard during the pandemic.

Digital thank you cards were distributed to over 6,000 LifeLabs employees to recognize their work during National Medical Laboratory Week.

Keeyan Jaffer, vice-president of the Marlinaires club, said the LifeLabs staff risk their lives to keep the community safe and healthy and they wanted to thank them for what they do.

“We realized how impactful expressing our gratitude through kind, positive messages would be,” said Keeyan Jaffer, vice-president of the Marlinaires club.

“We hope that the community realizes how important the LifeLabs staff is and that their strength, perseverance, and positivity throughout this past year is not something that we should take for granted; it has helped us in more ways than we can imagine.”

Jaffer added that their gratitude extends to all frontline workers who have kept the community safe over the past year.