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Kudos: Richmond hospital receives $10,000 donation from Buddhist organizations

Funds to benefit the hospital's new acute care tower
Kudos-Vancouver International Buddhist Progress Society
From left to right: Candace Hernandez, vice president of Richmond Hospital Foundation; Venerable Chueh Chu Shih, Abbess of Fo Guang Shan Vancouver Temple; and Tammy Mu, President, Buddha’s Light International Association, Vancouver. Social distancing protocols were followed during the cheque presentation.

The Buddha’s Light International Association in Vancouver and the Vancouver International Buddhist Progress Society have donated a total of $10,000 to help fund the new Richmond Hospital acute care tower, also known as the Yurkovich Family Pavilion.

Venerable Chueh Chu Shih, the abbess of Fo Guan Shan Vancouver Temple, said she has seen first-hand the challenges health care teams are facing as a result of working in an aging building.

“A new acute care tower will allow them to work more effectively and provide more efficient care for patients,” said Shih, adding that the Richmond Hospital is already a 55-year-old facility.

“Patients will also have access to an environment that is more favourable for healing. This is a tremendous project that requires an enormous amount of resources to complete, but one that will benefit everyone in the future so it was important for us to support.”

The organizations focus on practicing benevolence, which is as portrayed through their continuous donations to the Richmond Hospital.

According to Vancouver Coastal Health, the two organizations have donated $50,000 over five years towards the new tower in “hopes to inspire community giving while building a healthier future for Richmond.”

“Buddha’s Light International Association and Vancouver International Buddhist Progress have been supporting the work of Richmond Hospital Foundation since 2003,” said Candace Hernandez, vice president of Richmond Hospital Foundation.

“Their donation will help increase the capacity of care for Richmond’s growing population and help ensure the best in care is available to the community. They give joyfully and we are so thankful for their commitment and generosity.”