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Have you noticed drinking fountains with dog bowls around Richmond?

The drinking fountains are currently available at eight locations.
A drinking fountain easily accessible for dogs at the Aberdeen Neighbourhood Park.

Summer is here (for now) and four-legged Richmondites won’t have to look far to stay hydrated.

Community members might have spotted the dog-friendly drinking fountains in the city, and we have answers.

Drinking fountains with dog bowls are currently a rare find in the city – out of a total of 41 drinking fountains in the city, only eight have the dog bowl option.

The dog-friendly units are by no means a new addition to Richmond, and the city recently installed five additional units in 2019 and 2020 at Railway Greenway at Blundell Road, the dog parks at South Arm Park and Garden City Park, Minoru Park, and Hugh Boyd Park.

The eight dog-friendly drinking fountains are spread out throughout the city, and The Richmond News has created a map for our readers.

Like all outdoor drinking fountains, the dog-friendly units are closed during the winter season since freezing temperatures will damage the plumbing system.

And the city has some good news for our thirsty furry friends.

“Unless otherwise directed for specific reasons, the plan would be for any future installation to include the dog bowl option since this provides the additional service to our community/pet owners,” said Kim Decker, city spokesperson.