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Do you remember Richmond's Ferry Inn?

Members of a community Facebook page have mostly fond memories of the hang-out joint near the foot of No. 5 Road in the '50s and '60s

Photos posted on social media of and old hang-out place in Richmond have sparked many a fond memory for people who grew up in the city.

The snaps are of paintings and of the former owner of the Ferry Inn, which used to sit near Woodwards Landing, on Dyke Road, between Shell and No. 5 roads in south Richmond.

The area was the dock for the old Ladner-Richmond ferry, which operated on and off from 1912 until 1959, when the Massey Tunnel opened.

And judging by the responses on community Facebook page “You Grew Up in Richmond if You Remember,” the Ferry Inn was a very popular haunt back in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

“Loved drinking ice cold cokes in glass bottles at the counter. Does anyone remember the name of the man who ran it?  I remember Herbie but that might have been his dog,” wrote one group member online.

In fact, it appears as if the inn owner’s name at that time in the ‘60s was “Herb” and his dog, a black Lab, was called Flossy.

“Yep, good old Herbie. Great old guy, funny as hell!” wrote another member.

One member even wrote that she has a painting of the Ferry Inn hanging in her home in Calgary.

Another recalled that she used to “play with (Flossy) when we visited every Sunday. I got to have vanilla ice cream in an old fashioned sundae dish which always had ice crystals in it and a 7 up in a green glass bottle (only time I was allowed pop).

“I would sit outside on the rickety bridge across the ditch at a wooden table and watch the frogs with flossy. Afterwards we would pick blackberries for my mom to use for jam or we’d go climb on the shipwreck right there in the river - but I was never allowed to tell my mom about that part!”

Group member Marilyn Louise Crace remembered working at there in 1954, selling ice cream cones and pie to ferry line-up.

Not everyone had fond memories of the joint though, with a few group members recalling buying long outdated chocolate bars, one of them with worms inside.