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City of Richmond seeking Snow Angel volunteers to help elderly

Snow Angels Program volunteers helps clear snow and ice around homes in Richmond
Snow Shovel
Volunteer to be a Snow Angel this winter to help clear snow and ice from around the homes of residents who are elderly, ill or have mobility problems.

Richmond volunteers are being sought out to help elderly residents clear snow and ice around their homes.

Every year, the City of Richmond offers the Snow Angels Program, which is volunteer-driven, to make sure the area around the homes of the elderly, ill or those with mobility concerns are safe during the winter season.

The program kicks in depending on the severity of a storm and the priority needs of callers. It automatically starts when three or more centimetres of snow accumulates in the city.

“The Snow Angels Program exemplifies the importance of community connection,” says Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“This program has been giving volunteers an opportunity to make a difference in their neighbourhood for years with this vital service that helps to ensure that Richmond residents remain safe and active throughout the winter season.”

Volunteers can select the geographic community to serve including their own neighbourhoods or any location citywide.

Those who want to require services from the Snow Angels Program can do so starting Monday, Dec. 6 by calling 604-247-4453.

For more information or to apply to be a Snow Angel volunteer, visit, call 604-247-4453 or email